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House Washing

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Top 4 Reasons to Have Your Home Power Washed

 Let's face it, our home is probably the biggest investment we have & to keep it looking it's best is a wise decision.

1. Power washing your home can remove years of mold and mildew build up.  Increase the safety and well being of your household members through a house washing.


2. Give your house a new look!  As your home deals with weather, wear and tear, a power washing can completely transform the look of your home.

3. Maintain your home's property value.  Maintaining curb appeal can assist with getting the most bang for your buck.  By keeping up with house washing, your house will look it's best if sold one day.

4. DIY Power Washing seems great... until it doesn't go great.  Save the stress as we use our professional grade equipment to provide the perfect house wash.

Why Clean Result?

Clean Result focuses on providing a tailored house washing that best fits your home's needs.  Every home is different therefore we focus on providing a specialized service.

Learn about Our Soft Washing Process

Would you clean your car, laundry, dishes or body with just water? It may look & seem clean, but is it really "clean"? If mold & mildew are present on the surface & it is just "pressure washed", you are just moving it from one place to another & it will start to regrow faster than killing it where it stands. Here @ Clean Result Power Washing we use soft washing as one of our processes to provide you with an exceptional "clean" without damaging your landscape or home.


Soft washing is a cleaning process that takes and applies a combination of a biodegradable algeacide and soap to the surfaces needing to be cleaned & then rinsed with low pressure. This process kills mold, mildew, & lichen while lifting dirt, bird droppings & such off your home or business. High pressure can damage vinyl & wood siding & even concrete if not used properly.

Servicing most Bristol County MA, Bristol County RI & Newport County RI

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