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House Washing

"Before you reshingle, give us a jingle"! Does your home need a new look? For a fraction of the cost of new shingles, we can make your white or red cedar shingle home look like new again with our wood cleaning process!

Gutter Cleaning near me in Middletown RI
Gutter Cleaning

Dirt, leaves, twigs, weeds, broken shingles, and even the occasional tennis ball can be found in your gutters. To keep your gutters free flowing, we offer two service options. Option #1- Basic Gutter Cleaning is hand picking debris from gutters without washing out. Option #2- Gutter Cleaning Plus is the basic option plus pressurized water to clean gutters & downspouts free & clear. 30 DAY CLOG FREE GUARANTEE w/ PLUS option. Call today for a free estimate!

Roof Cleaning.jpg
Roof Cleaning

Save the stress of getting up on the roof and leave it to the pros!  With our professional-grade equipment, we will have your roof looking brand new!  Save your roof from algae, moss, and other items that can be harmful and abrasive towards your roof.

Deck Cleaning.jpg
Deck Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning

Your deck sees it all.  The sun's rays, the wet snow, the fallen tray of burgers from your last cookout - you name it.  A deck cleaning will leave it looking brand new!  Maintain the longevity of your deck by getting it cleaned. 

Quite similar to decks, your concrete has been through a lot.  And overtime, that wear and tear begins to show.  A thorough power washing will bring it back to looking new! 

Rust removal.JPG
Rust Removal

Even with careful maintenance, rust is sometimes inevitable.  Luckily, with our services, we can bring back your property to looking as good as new.  You wouldn't even know a rust stain was there!

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Servicing most Bristol County MA, Bristol County RI & Newport County RI

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